Our petrified wood is sourced in Indonesia along the continental fault lines where there is high volcanic activity. The wood is fossilized through a process of permineralization that takes millions of years to achieve. This “magical” process starts when a tree or forest is smothered through a natural effect—be it a massive earthquake, landslide or volcanic eruption. The lack of oxygen preserves the organic material, and over eons, rainwater and underground rivers pass through the wood, replacing the organic material with minerals. The process happens on a cellular level which preserves the wood grain, growth rings and bark.

The color of petrified wood is determined by which materials replace the organic matter. Carbon creates black. Chromium, cobalt and copper give it a green/blue hue. Iron oxides are red, brown and yellow. Manganese oxides produce pink/orange and blackish/yellow tones. Unearthing the petrified wood is only the first step. Transporting it through jungles to a suitable stonework facility had always been the challenge. We have developed our own resources to cut, carve and polish into beautiful stools, slabs and artifacts.


What was once conventional wood has evolved over time into something much more special. Not quite wood, not quite stone, but a beautiful three-dimensional fossil that possesses qualities of both. Our one-of-a-kind Petrified Coffee Tables take these astounding relics from the distant past and transform them into functional, fashionable surfaces that will become the highlight of your living space.


Earth’s finest treasures intermingle with sleek industrial materials to create astounding, naturally inspired side tables for your interior decor. Transform your home decor into a stylish history exhibit fit for a museum with our Petrified Side Tables. Each table is one-of-a-kind due to the unrepeatable nature of these stunning antiquities, meaning each piece is an opportunity to truly express yourself through the medium of design.


Our collection of Petrified Stools is vast, varied, and vivacious. The way in which the stone deposits present in each piece interact with the fossilized wood to create unbelievable patterns, textures, and colors continues to amaze us here at Phillips Collection. Available in many shapes and sizes while featuring no industrial materials whatsoever, your stool will be a fully natural and one-of-a-kind accent piece to suit your design needs. We work with Nature, not against it.


Petrified wood is one of the most fascinating materials known to planet Earth. With the properties of both wood and stone, this wonderful hybrid is a fossil that has gracefully stood the test of time to emerge as something more than the sum of its parts. The Petrified Console Tables utilize these ancient artifacts as beautiful tabletops for your next design project, bestowing a fabulous organic flair to any interior space. Each table is a one-of-a-kind work of naturally occurring art with variations in shape, size, and color between every piece.